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rHEN we got back down on the Milk River
that fall, near the northern border of Mon-
tana and the North-West Territories, some white
men came into our camp and wanted to treat with
us; to buy our land for dollar bills and put us on
reservations with other Indians, They came over
to our camp and told us that all of the tribes to
the south and east of us had signed treaties with
the governments of the United States and Canada,
and were living on reservations and getting along
well And they advised us to give up our roam-
ing existence and settle down in our place. They
spread their one-dollar bills on the ground, and

'This is the white man's "buffalo robe"— <
money/ (The Indians had used buffalo robes
for their money.) The Sioux Indians5 they said
ccall this money maza-ska— white metal— because
they know that they can exchange it for metal